Thursday, June 21, 2012

To-do lists and food tracking

So my goal was to start making and finishing a to-do list everyday as well as track my food with pictures. 

[To-do list at the beginning of the day]

[Breakfast: Tall glass of ice water, 6 strawberries,
 english muffin with Blueberry jam and 3 canadian bacon]

[Snack: Sweet strawberry soup and hot black coffee]

[Lunch: I made toast with hazelnut butter for my son, who was not a fan, so I ended up eating it - I thought the hazelnut butter was excellent]

 [Afternoon Snack: Pita chips and Laughing Cow cheese wedge]

 [Dinner: Turkey meatloaf, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts]

[Gideon even ate his broccoli!!]

[Snack: homemade oatmeal butterscotch coconut cookies that Gideon helped make :)]

Overall, I would say today was pretty good. I only finished 50% of my to-do list... but it's a start right? I still spent too much time on the computer however. I really want to cut back on that. I think from now on I will set a timer every time I get on for 30 minutes. Also, my calories for the day came to 1701.

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