Hi! I'm Sara. Welcome to my new little corner of the internet. 
I decided to create this blog to chronicle my life with husband and son.
My goal is to have a happy, healthy family.

My husband, Chris, and I were married on October 27, 2007
Currently we are going to school full time. We are hoping to get into the PTA (physical therapy assistant) program and graduate in 2014.

 About 13 months after getting married our son, Gideon, was born.
He is now 3 years old and totally awesome! I love being a mother :)

We also have a pug, Pancake, and a kitty, Kikiwee.

I have a lot of goals in life and a big one would be to lose weight. I have been overweight since I was a young child. This blog will also be a place I can share my successes with healthy eating and exercise. I am making it a family affair, too!

In my lazy time I enjoy zoning out and watching youtubers like the Shaytards and BFvsGF
It's a guilty pleasure.

If you have any questions, just let me know :)

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